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Baby's Hand

Experience the ease and efficiency of diaper changing  with Miracle Swipe


Founder and CEO

Chris Chambers

Bristol, TN 37620

Innovative Design for Your Little Ones

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Where all of life's miracles meet innovation

Our company was built and established in beautiful Bristol, TN.  CPC DESIGNS has an incredible team that has created an amazing product that the world has never seen. Welcome to CPC DESIGNS LLC where we believe that, without initiative, there's no innovation.  CPC DESIGNS LLC began with an idea. It all started shortly after my daughter was born during the great COVID -19 outbreak. I found myself a first-time father, stumbling around in her darkened room looking for a diaper and having no clue what I was doing. I was a stay at home, first time dad, while my wife worked endlessly to attempt to keep our family afloat. My ENTIRE family pitched in with my mother (now my CFO), wife (Mom and bread winner), and stepfather who took the brunt force of it all. The seed began to grow and formulate in my mind. In the meantime, life and reality took center stage and my dream would have to take a back seat due to lack of funding, time, and caring for the most amazing miracle I have ever seen. Two and a half years later that idea became a reality after my father passed away last year. I had to plan and choose a direction.  After many, countless hours tearing apart everything that I could possibly use to make a prototype in my crappy 28-degree garage with one light bulb in the dead of winter, it was real. My mother and I began to collaborate on a plan of action to proceed to create the best product the world had ever seen but first there were issues. How do we protect our company, my invention. Patent possibilities, engineering firms, patent lawyers, and legally moving forward became our primary focus. With the financial backing of family and friends and unwavering support from my mother and Stepdad, my wife, beautiful daughter and the good Lord above, CPC DESIGNS LLC was created and now officially here to stay for a very long time. CPC DESIGNS LLC could not be happier, as well, to be a part of, and introduced into one of the top  Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. The Bristol TN/ VA Chamber of Commerce. Our business is truly blessed and is very excited to help build our city, community and the great states of Tennessee and Virginia one diaper at a time.

Coming soon to any baby changing station in the entire world...



MIRACLE SWIPE is the worlds first fully automated hands-free diaper dispenser. With our patented technology you are now able to use your I Phone, Android, Apple pay, Samsung pay , Google pay as well as credit and debit card tap to pay technology to choose the diaper size of your child from premature all the way to size six diapers above any changing station of any business, airport, hotel, or retail store in the entire world. You can also use the App on your phone for personalized deals and an even more smooth transaction while on the go with your little miracles.

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Office: 423-350-4168



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